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Open Virtualization Alliance ~ noble cause, don’t know about motive

Open Virtualization Alliance ~

{ (Intel+IBM+HP+RedHat+Novell+BMC+Eucalyptus)>VMWare? OpenVirtualizationAlliance:VMWareAppliances }

Open Virtualization Alliance has been setup by IBM, Intel, RedHat, & HP (as Governing Bodies) to promote adoption of OpenSource Virtualization Stack built over KVM Hypervisor.

Novell, BMC Softwares & Eucalyptus Systems are also backing up the cause being members of the alliance.

Alliance’s Link:

KVM’s Link:

noble cause,

their projected motives are
> increase awareness about KVM as an open virtualization alternative to proprietary
> educate users on best practices & provide technical advice
> encourage organizations/developers building a 3rd-party utility base around KVM raising it from commodity of HyperVisor to overall virtualization solution
> Intel is talking about making its chips work with KVM Technology Stack at scale
> IBM overlooks Xen HyperVisor as choice and says it continues support for Xen, but all new development will be in KVM

don’t know about motive

They are trying to catch-up VMWare (in their own words).

But, as they are projecting it ‘FOR THE SAKE OF OPENSOURCE’, doesn’t seem to be such prior concern for all the members… let’s have a look at members

>IBM is ‘IBM’, the (self-)claimed biggest contributor of OpenSource in past & one of the major players in the game of buying organizations… which starts favoring OpenJDK after an organization like ‘Oracle’ overtakes it & an organization like ‘Apache Software Foundation’ leaves JCP… nice new friends, all for OpenSource right

>RedHat, the BIG commercial organization  using the biggest OpenSource Project

>HP, they seem nice {I got nothing against them from what all I know…}

>Intel, was very ‘competition-friendly’ when AMD terrorized it reign… yeah sure, and the alliance still talks about their motive to remove monopoly

>BMC Software, they seem nice too {never read them enough…}

>Eucalyptus Systems, they are a nice open-source cloud contributor who also like to make some money… which is good until just the money part remains

>Novell, no need to comment on them and their patent issues…¬† the recent famous action by them was acquisition of ‘AttachMate’ and throwing out the ‘Mono’ guy ‘Miguel De Icaza’

They will drive KVM to a new improved level… it will be good if the don’t kill it’s charm for OpenSource lovers.
Biz-ocracy might lead to something good too.