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Nagios Trademark Issue (in-1-Word: ‘Shameful’)

Nagios, one of the best organization level IT Infrastructure Monitoring solution that I used.
If you don’t know what’s Nagios itself, look here :

Now, on 29-Sep-2010 I saw a post by creator of Nagios, Ethan Galstad telling how a German Company has violated and misused the name of ‘Nagios’ to promote itself. Ethan stated how this German Company, NETWAYS used ‘Nagios’ trademark to promote their stuff by hosting ‘NETWAYS Nagios Conferences’ and registering domains using the trademark. Ethan also states how he has been trying to stop this since he first came to know about this in year 2006… and till date their was no positive response.

He asked for all community believing in him to tweet/scrap/* the matter and make the matter socially more important. I also tweeted, scrapped and talked about the issue. And, just 1 hour back I get a reply from owner of NETWAYS (which other reponders would also have received).

Owner and MD of NETWAYS, Julian Hein just replied with a link to post on his website explaining his part on the story. He discussed there why initially ¬†due to creating Nagios based services and absence of Ethan’s venture in Germany he started using the Nagios Trademark. He also writes why due to the popularity of his domains and integration of his Nagios related services (in several Suse and Debian distros), he was not able to change them. But he has agreed to transfer the Trademark.

Not only this, but he also tells how Ethan did a similar thing with French Nagios Community and Shinken to force them giving up their relation to Nagios Trademark.

Now, I’m in a confused state of which part of whose viewpoint is correct or even if both are correct what could be justified solution.

But, what I know is that there are enough corporates out there ready to hinder opensource by their lawsuits, so we as a community of OpenSource supporters should not indulge in internal fights. Where one should respect creative rights, then at the same place one should encourage other’s creation related to his own… that’s how the open-thought can stay alive.

Ethan’s Appeal:

Julian’s Counter:

Its leaving the soul of OpenSource, if anyone’s viewpoint about another is true. I hope its a mis-understanding that they could resolve quickly.