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OpenLeaks whistles… when ‘Right’ to Information gets ‘Left’ behind… does it?

OpenLeaks Logoanother Whistleblower… but not similar another portal like Wikileaks.
Is it GooD_or_BaD, good to have but doubt its effectiveness.

It is there to fill the gaps left behind by Wikileaks and not to just mimic the already existing facets. Working to make it more widespread and safer.
It aims to be a democratic portal and not just influenced by one man’s political agenda.

[1.] OpenLeaks does promise anonymity (nothing new in it), hope it doesn’t leak the identity too

[2.] It does offer more and better categorized availability of leaked information. The informant can decide when, where and to who-all the information gets leaked.
Now, this is nice in some cases but completely contrast to fundamentals of Wikileaks and the thing we (or at-least I) like it for and that is every information concerning lives is out their to all alive without boundaries.

[3.] OpenLeaks is all Democratic and that is lovely (yes lovely is the best-suited adjective). Because a democratic front with several owners has a better chance of early going bureaucratic and corrupt which is the exact cause to work against.
Its way better to have few separate strict fundamentalist doing good to society with their blunt sense of humor.

so call me a.Lone.Ranger, but it’s how I feel (or say that’s how my emo-sensors pick up worldly vibes)

its good to have it, it’s good to have a new perspective… but in no way it replaces need for Wikileaks… call me paranoid or else, but initially when I heard its launch then I thought that it’s some government reaction to take out Wikileaks by giving faked competition; that would have been real lame of Governement right LOL!!! 🙂