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Open Virtualization Alliance ~ noble cause, don’t know about motive

Open Virtualization Alliance ~

{ (Intel+IBM+HP+RedHat+Novell+BMC+Eucalyptus)>VMWare? OpenVirtualizationAlliance:VMWareAppliances }

Open Virtualization Alliance has been setup by IBM, Intel, RedHat, & HP (as Governing Bodies) to promote adoption of OpenSource Virtualization Stack built over KVM Hypervisor.

Novell, BMC Softwares & Eucalyptus Systems are also backing up the cause being members of the alliance.

Alliance’s Link:

KVM’s Link:

noble cause,

their projected motives are
> increase awareness about KVM as an open virtualization alternative to proprietary
> educate users on best practices & provide technical advice
> encourage organizations/developers building a 3rd-party utility base around KVM raising it from commodity of HyperVisor to overall virtualization solution
> Intel is talking about making its chips work with KVM Technology Stack at scale
> IBM overlooks Xen HyperVisor as choice and says it continues support for Xen, but all new development will be in KVM

don’t know about motive

They are trying to catch-up VMWare (in their own words).

But, as they are projecting it ‘FOR THE SAKE OF OPENSOURCE’, doesn’t seem to be such prior concern for all the members… let’s have a look at members

>IBM is ‘IBM’, the (self-)claimed biggest contributor of OpenSource in past & one of the major players in the game of buying organizations… which starts favoring OpenJDK after an organization like ‘Oracle’ overtakes it & an organization like ‘Apache Software Foundation’ leaves JCP… nice new friends, all for OpenSource right

>RedHat, the BIG commercial organization  using the biggest OpenSource Project

>HP, they seem nice {I got nothing against them from what all I know…}

>Intel, was very ‘competition-friendly’ when AMD terrorized it reign… yeah sure, and the alliance still talks about their motive to remove monopoly

>BMC Software, they seem nice too {never read them enough…}

>Eucalyptus Systems, they are a nice open-source cloud contributor who also like to make some money… which is good until just the money part remains

>Novell, no need to comment on them and their patent issues…  the recent famous action by them was acquisition of ‘AttachMate’ and throwing out the ‘Mono’ guy ‘Miguel De Icaza’

They will drive KVM to a new improved level… it will be good if the don’t kill it’s charm for OpenSource lovers.
Biz-ocracy might lead to something good too.