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I smell 3G ~ Gosling, Google & Go

Java’s Daddy, James Gosling after a long break… joined Google some time back.

March’28 2011 : officially joined Google

Suddenly, I come to hear a new spirit & raged promotion for Google’s pretty fine programming language Go.

Blog Release…
March’24 2011 : “Gobs of Data” ~ a language specific encoding
March’31 2011 : “Godoc” ~ Documenting Go code
April’15 2011 : “Gofix” ~ significant API change
April’21 2011 : “Go at Heroku”
May’10 2011 : “Go at Google AppEngine”
May’23 2011 : “Go at Google I/o 2011″…

now, I don’t see any other updates from Google suitable enough from the started braindump by J.Gosling

(and if there were any, I surely missed them… please point them out to me)

so, in a purely hypothetical & 100% guessing format… I smell Gosling, Google & Go