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DO NOT like GMail’s ever-changing UX; then you’ll like these Tips-Tricks

I love a better efficient UX web-app even if it uses more bandwidth than other 10-tabs open on its side. But what I don’t like it forcing numerous UX changes on me every now and then without option to turn selective irritable features off. And that too just so they can collect research my behavior and server me with better Advertisements. No Thanks. Now that’s the Rant. Moving on to Tips.

BEST TIP: Before using any link here or anywhere, take a look at actually what it’s pointing to and passing.

If you are totally pissed off… using below link, you can anytime move to PLAIN HTML, non-crappy just-work UI.

Among all the recent changes pushed into GMail’s UX, the only feature I liked was to have a view of Unread mails only as those are the only one I wanna pay attention to when I’m not “revising” earlier conversations.

To get only Unread INBOX in your standard GMail view, using following link will work

what this does is pass on GET params for

“s=q” : allowing to set search parameters and applies it

“q=label%3Aunread+label%3Ainbox” : sets “label:unread label:inbox” in your query box on GMail

Now if you want a different specific view for labels or other search query, you can similarly switch those values for “q” GET PARAM.


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