[August 2010] :: 7 Highlights

[] Oracle vs Google
lawsuit for patent-breaking over Java usage in Android

[] Google + Verizon
proposing no Internet Traffic to be prioritized over another… they are calling it  Network Neutrality Proposal

[] DefCon, BlackHat
major Hacking conferences took place successfully making my stand over No-Complete-Security stronger

[] OpenStack
an open-source cloud computing project from RackSpace, accepted by NASA… its cool

[] Outburst of Closed OpenSolaris
Oracle is really great at what it do, making idiotic decisions on killing priceless community support for few dog biscuits

[] node.js
is an evented I/O framework over V8 Javascript built by Ryan Dahl as a Research Project… lets you develop Server level projects using Javascript

[] HTML5
its the next Big Thing in web-development being promised since past few years, now actively integrated in new-generation browsers to test


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