IE 9 [they say its good… they say it again]

just read about IE 9 Preview thing… went to the Microsoft’s hosted page

downloaded the 14.3mb preview installer before reading much (testing is better)
started the installation
and b00m… no support for Windows users of Version previous to Vista SP2
grrr8… as if I was gonna use it as my default browser… 1 more reason to leave or may call it mutual exclusion

they stated all gr8 stuff ’bout the browser comparing stats to other brosers…

‘n celebrated Acid Test support raised to 55/100, but didn’t compared there with others 8)

supporting Direct2D (there reason for non-compatibility with prev. Windows Version)… think gonna go more slower

supporting HTML5, SVG1.1, CSS3,… hope without any Security flaws this time

would test it later when get a way around it… newayz all browsers giving me tough time going slow or I browse a lot 😉


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